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As the Ugly Christmas Sweater party season gets into full swing, there’s lots of people out there looking for the most tacky sweater they can find to wear to all the festivities.

Here’s our Top-10 ugly Christmas sweaters of all time! Some are vintage 80’s horror shows that have been made even scarier with some trimmings or working lights! Some are homemade masterpieces that take tacky to a new level. They’re all great - in an awfully ugly kind of way.

#1) Macrame gone wild. Great for both men and woman.

macrame dress from    macrame on sweater from

#2) Vintage 80s thick knit (with padded shoulders!) and a light-up bear Santa.
vintage 80s with lights from

#3) The politicians. Hard to say which is more tacky…so here are a few:
festive obama from festive hillary clinton from festive sarah pailn from

#4) Glitzy light-up menorah Hanukkah sweater
light up hanukkah sweater from

#5) 1980’s retro holiday sweatshirt - with decorations on front, back, and sleeves…and drippy fringe added for a final touch of tacky.
front: 1980s retro sweatshirt front, from  back:1980s retro sweatshirt back, from

#6) Bright and colorful modern sweater made hideous.

colorful modern sweater embellished from

#7) Father Santa lit up like a traffic light
father santa with lights from

#8) The naughty (funny!) sweater
naughty ugly christmas sweater from

#9) It’s a  ‘Reason for the Season’ Jesus vest.

Jesus vest from

#10) The worst ever - the scary protruding Santa baby sweater.
scary baby sweater from

It’s party season! Get shopping and get your ugly on!

Photo credit: Ugly Christmas sweater pictures are from